Hello Students,
I am happy to share with all students an opportunity to apply for the 2022 Asist Scholarship Program, as I was recently informed that this scholarship never receives any applications, and the money goes unused. The deadline is March 19th and please see the attached flyer.
The ASIST Scholarship is a non-discriminatory, educational scholarship program for the benefit of nontraditional students pursuing an associates, bachelor or master’s degree, or a technical/professional certification. These include persons who are:

·         Past high school age and who are entering a college, university, or trade school and/or the workforce for the first time

·         Non-traditional students already enrolled in a college, university, or trade school program

·         Re-training due to changes in the workplace

In addition to the Chapter ASIST, there are corporate awards (payable in USD) given annually. Corporate candidates are selected from first place Chapter winners.

Awards are provided for the recipients’ education and related expenses to aid them in obtaining the necessary educational skills to help achieve career goals and objectives. Related expenses include tuition, books, lab fees and mandatory fees from schools. Not included are such things as rent, utility payments, travel expense, repayment of student loans or remaining balances payable to recipient. Checks for Chapter and Corporate scholarship awards are paid directly to the respective college, university or trade school. Scholarship awards are valid for one year from date granted and must be paid within one year of being awarded. Unclaimed awards will be returned to the Chapter or Corporate B/C/DP accounts for redistribution.

Selection criteria may include the following:

·         Financial need

·         Socially, physically and economic challenges faced by the applicant

·         Individuals with children residing in the home

Applicants cannot be an EWI representative. All applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

·         Clearly defined career goals and objectives

·         Ability to specify the educational requirements needed to attain the above goals and objectives

·         Response to two essay questions

·         Copy of completed FAFSA/TAFSA (

·         Copy of student aid application (if applicable)

·         Two references - one can be from employer (past/present), teacher/school administrator, sponsor, and second reference can be from church official, volunteer organization or personal acquaintance. These references should focus on the candidate's goals/objectives and potential for success.

·         Must reside within boundaries of a participating EWI Chapter – refer to list on

·         Legally reside within the country for which they are applying

The following materials are required to be provided electronically by upload in the application. Please have these available when submitting your application:

·         FAFSA/TAFSA

·         Student Transcripts - most current document is required

·         ACT/SAT Scores as applicable for applicant's future educational plans

·         Prior Year Income Tax Return

·         Two (2) Personal Recommendations - the letters must be completed by two (2) individuals of the applicant's choice who is either a past or present employer, teacher, counselor or other school administrator, or someone serving in a leadership/mentorship role for the applicant

·         Essay- maximum of 1,000 words describing what your life's goals and objectives are and how obtaining additional education or a college degree with further these goals and objectives. Explain what qualifies you for this scholarship.