MESA - Mathmatics Engineering Science Achievement

What is MESA?

MESA stands for Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement. It is a statewide program and now also part of SBVC!

Who qualifies for MESA?

Students who are STEM majors and are in Math 102 or above.

What are the benefits of MESA?

  • Academic and career counseling throughout the year
  • Education planning for transfer to a 4-year institution
  • Development of fundamental skills in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics
  • Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs)
  • Individual and group mentoring
  • Access to workshops, guest speakers, and field trips modeling STEM field careers
  • Support for transfer and scholarships
  • Develop professional relationships with professors and peers

Want more information? Let’s talk, please contact:

Armone Lochard, MESA Director (Fall Semester)
(909) 384 - 4400 Ext. 8233
Physical Science 127

Dr. Carol Jones, Faculty Sponsor & Professor of Chemistry
(909) 387 - 1697 
Physical Science 146

Faye Epps, Clerical Assistant
(909) 387 - 1669
Physical Science 111