Joining MESA

If you meet the MESA requirements or are very close to meeting them, please fill out an application. Click Application in the menu on the right side of this page. The MESA Director will get back to you within a week with the next steps.  

Each new MESA member must complete the MESA Orientation session. Several orientations will be held each semester.

What Will I Do in MESA?

  1. Meet with the MESA/STEM counselor at least once per semester.
    • MESA members must have a Student Educational Plan (SEP) on file that is complete through the date of transfer
  2. Attend and participate in weekly Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs) as applicable
    • See the AEW section on this website for a current schedule
  3. Participate in the MESA Peer Mentoring program at least once per semester
  4. Attend at least two MESA events. For example, we offer:
    • MESA guest speakers 
    • Transfer prep workshops
    • Workshops on how to find research and internship opportunities
    • MESA seminars on various topics
    • Growth Mindset workshops
    • MESA field trips (more field trips will happen post-pandemic)
    • See the Events section on this website for a current schedule
  5. You will be enrolled in MESA on Canvas. The MESA Canvas site has additional resources for MESA students and you'll be able to track your participation in Canvas.