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Careers' Awareness Program


The MESA Program was pleased to partner with IYAI+ (Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure). Iyai+ is a national non-profit with a mission to help accomplish three main goals:


  • Inspire, excite, and actively engage youth in the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors.
  • Increase the participation of historically under-represented groups – people of color and women – across our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. 
  • And encourage youth to “build their civic muscle” through active community participation – sharing their considerable knowledge, learned experiences, and fresh perspectives.


To view any of these iyai+ sessions, click here: SBVC/iyai+ Recordings.



Got a Summer Internship?

Friday, December 3 - 11:00 am

Don’t know much about summer internships or just want to know where to knock on the door to a PAID summer internship for nerds like us, in STEM fields? If so, then this presentation is for you! You'll also learn about requesting letters of recommendation and other professional tidbits in the application process. Join us and get ahead of the game. Summer internship deadlines are coming very soon! Click here to register: Got a Summer Internship?


Static Equilibrium w/Nathan Anderson, MESA Facilitator

Friday, December 3 - 3:00 - 5:00 pm

This workshop is for Physics 202 students and anyone who wants to learn more about the challenging content covered in the first semester of calculus-based physics.


This is the fourth and final workshop in a series from Nathan Anderson, MESA Academic Excellence Workshop Facilitator for Physics 202.

Click here to register:

Static Equilibrium


Single Variable Calculus Review (Practice Test) w/Luis Gonzalez, MESA Facilitator

Tuesday, December 7 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Take my mock final exam to see any areas you might need to improve on!


Thanks and good luck!

To attend this

workshop click

here: Mock Final Exam


Meeting ID:

963 5805 4112
Passcode: calc


Chem 150 & Chem 212 Mega Review w/Nicole Shad, MESA Facilitator

Friday, December 10 – Chem 150 @12:00 pm; Chem 212 @1:00 pm

Please join Nicole Shad, MESA Academic Excellence Workshop Facilitator for Chem 150 and Chem 212 for a final exam review.


MESA Academic Excellence Workshops:


  • Cover some of the most challenging topics from STEM courses
  • Model or teach effective study strategies and techniques
  • Are designed to provide a welcoming environment in which all students are encouraged to participate
  • Help you connect with peers and find study groups

To register for either workshop

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Chem 150 & 212 Mega Review


Spring 2022 Events Coming Soon!

Events are designed for MESA-eligible students who plan to earn a bachelors degree in a field that requires calculus (Math 250) or higher, however, all SBVC students are welcome to attend our events. 

Most Fall 2021 MESA Workshops are 1 hour, followed by 30 minutes to continue the discussion or hang out and chat with the MESA Team or guest speakers.

Questions about our MESA events? Please email jbjerke@valleycollege.edu.